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Yesterday, uberPenguin finally publicly released, and with that we wanted to get some first impressions from some new users and how they’re feeling about the server, as well as some of uberPenguin’s own beta testers! With that, I selected ten users at random to ask these two questions, what their favorite thing about uberPenguin was and why it was their favorite. I got some very interesting answers from these ten uberPenguin users, and am glad that uberPenguin is now publicly playable. Personally, my favorite thing about uberPenguin is the plethora of features allowing the users to engage in customization, glad to see a server promoting creativity.

To begin, I went to Koyubi and asked what her favorite thing about uberPenguin was and why. She responded saying that she really likes the item hue, as it gives users the opportunity to be creative and express themselves. I really liked this answer as I felt so similarly on the subject of creativity and being expressive, thanks to Koyubi for allowing me a minute of their time!

I next approached Atharv123456 and asked him the same two questions, what his his favorite thing about uberPenguin was and why. His response was that he likes everything about the server, and there really wasn’t anything to dislike about it. I also liked this answer as although general, it was very well spoken and explained.

Third, I went to Jemi1234 and asked her the two questions, what her favorite thing about uberPenguin was and why it was her favorite. Her response was that she really enjoyed how the users interacted with each other and how active users were. I couldn’t have agreed more with this answer as I feel that interaction between the users is a very important aspect of a server and really can give that server a very friendly feel as well as promote bonding.

I then went to Alexandra and asked what her favorite thing about uberPenguin was and why. She responded telling me that her favorite thing about uberPenguin was the customized messenger, ‘uberMessenger’, and said that it’s looking awesome right now! I agree entirely with what she said and love the uberMessenger as well!

After, I spoke to George. I asked George what his favorite thing about the server was and why, and was impressed with his response! George responded telling me that his two favorite things about uberPenguin were the customized shop, ‘uberShop’, and item hue. When asked why, George told me that he felt these two things drew a lot of attention to the server and that such customization was a great addition to the game!

Starting off the second half of the ten users, the sixth user I approached was God, and asked what his favorite thing about uberPenguin was. He told me that the server’s custom ‘uberMessenger’ was his favorite and that he thought it gave the server an advanced sort of feel, and also told me that he is very excited for the future of the server and what’s to come!

After I spoke with God, I then went and talked to Nike. When Nike was asked what their favorite thing about the server was and why, he gave me some very good answers! Nike responded saying that he really liked how you were able to freely use features such as name-glow, name-color, bubble-glow, and bubble-color freely! He also told me that he likes how the staff team is very nice, and with that can help users to feel a lot more comfortable when playing.

I then went on and spoke to Daniel, asking him what his favorite thing about uberPenguin was and why. Daniel told me that his favorite thing about uberPenguin was some of the commands and features that made adding items, and the game as an overall experience a lot more convenient, his favorite being how you can add multiple items at once, as it saves time and helps to quickly create and outfit.

Nearly done now, we’re on to our last two of the ten users! Our ninth user, Config, was then asked his favorite thing about the server was. Config responded telling me that his favorite aspect of uberPenguin was customization, his favorite custom feature being item hue. Config says that item hue, as well as other various custom features make the server a lot more enjoyable for the users. I definitely agree here as having customization as an availability on a server really makes the experience a lot more fun.

On to the last of the ten, I spoke to Izzy. I asked Izzy what her favorite thing about uberPenguin was and why and got a splendid answer! Izzy told me that she really likes how friendly the staff team and users are on the server, and how that really gives the server an aspect of comfort, as well as help shape the friendly atmosphere that all servers should have.

If you want to visit uberPenguin, click here to visit their homepage and consider registering if you haven’t already! If you’re looking for a server and haven’t found anything that’s appealing to you, I definitely recommend visiting uberPenguin as the users you can find there are exceptionally friendly, the staff team consists of responsible and active team members who you can always look to when in need of help, and new, outstanding features that you can’t find anywhere else.



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