Your Say: uberPenguin

Hey people!

Today, I’m going to do a your say on uberPenguin! The users I selected are Anson and Grace, two awesome users that wanted to take part in my your say.

Person 1 – Grace
How long have you been playing UberPenguin for?
It’s been quite a long time but my penguin is 110 days old
Do you think uberPenguin needs to change?
No, I don’t think Uber needs to change. As there are a lot of unique features such as playercard hue, the finding items and many more features that make uber, uber.
What should uberPenguin focus on?
Focusing on welcoming new users, possibly new features but I think the most important is fixing any bugs / glitches that users report. Our community is certainly kind and welcoming and any new user will be welcomed

Person 2 – Anson
How long have you been playing UberPenguin for?
Since beta testing.
Do you think Uber needs to change?
Hmm, not really. I mean every features are great as they look! But I hope for more features in the future tho.
What should uberPenguin focus on?
They should focus on upcoming new features and safety of course.
Wow! Thanks to Grace and Anson for an amazing your say. Grace answered her questions well, as a moderator she is really suitable for the job and for Anson, he is a great user that cares about uberPenguin.




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