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Hey everyone!

Today, I’m going to conduct a Your Say on PortalPenguin! Yes, you heard me right! The users I selected are Imagine and Brinley, two respected users that wanted to take part in my your say.

User #1 – Brinley

  • How long have you been playing PortalPenguin for?

I don’t really remember, maybe one month?

  • What should PortalPenguin focus on? Security or making it look better?

It should probably focus on making users more interested and make them happy. They should also focus on making more commands.

  • Do you think the CPPS has a good staff team?

Yes, they all are nice and really helpful.

  • Why do you play this CPPS and what attracts you to it?

I love this CPPS, because of the people and the awesome features and other stuff like themes.

  • If you were a staff member, how would you contribute to the server?

I would help to make it a more better CPPS, to make it a peaceful place. I will mainly focus on helping penguins and also keep the island safe.

User #2 – Imagine

  • How long have you been playing PortalPenguin for?

About a month.

  • What is your main purpose as a staff member?

To manage the staff and to put people on trial moderator and test them.

  • Are there any great differences between PortalPenguin and other CPPSes you’ve played?

Portal Penguin has a lot of free features including nameglow and bubblecolor. We also have VIP which we give out to active users, which also makes us unique.

  • Why do you love PortalPenguin?

I love Portal Penguin because the community is very active.

  • What are the best moments you ever experienced?

Best moments, I’ve experienced are making new friends and getting alone with everyone 🙂

Astonishing! Thanks to both of them for providing honest and fantastic feedback! Both of them were really nice and they answered my questions without any hesitating, kudos to them!

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