Innovative. New servers are popping up today that have an idea. Not just one, but many. Wonderland is one of them. Wonderland has a redesigned interface with custom badges for staff members. The player card looks like this:


The player card is very blank and clean. Once released, there will be custom gifs you can put on your player card. Wonderland’s web design is very clean also, you can see the time taken to work on it once it releases.

It is also rumored Wonderland will have speed that you can obtain by saying !ps with a value. All of the classic features like nameglow, bubblecolor, bubbletext and namecolor will be on Wonderland. The downside is to obtain these, you’ll need premium as well as the background creator. There will also be size commands for premium. Premium is like a VIP membership. Wonderland does this to help keep the server up and to give users more of an advantage on features.

Walk on walls will be free, as well as ringcolor along with it. For the commands and the list of commands that are for premium and that aren’t for premium, you can view their commands page here.

Wonderland’s projected release date is either later tonight or tomorrow.

To go to WonderlandCP’s homepage click here.

That’s all the sneak peeks and spoilers I can give..

Over and out from Wonderland,






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