Why 2FA?

Hey everyone,

It’s Lynx and I hope everyone has had a great week so far 🙂 Today I’ll be talking about Two Factor Authentication or as I and most of us would like to call it in short 2FA and how it could help you stay safe online.

  • What is 2FA you ask?

Two Factor Authentication is a process in which you provide another method into securing your online account(s). Usually when you sign up for a website, most of these websites now provide 2FA as the secondary security option and when you sign up you usually provide a password. But by doing so, that doesn’t 100% guarantee the safety of your account(s). If any of you are familiar with Credit or Debit cards, you have two verification processes in it – 3 digit CVV & ATM Pin. When you do online shopping you have a password as well. Thus if a person knows your password but doesn’t know your ATM Pin, then they won’t be able to purchase anything online.

Like wise two factor authentication uses random 6 digit authentication codes which will be generated by an application which you should download on your smartphone. Social Media site’s such as Twitter uses SMS verification in which you will get a random code through SMS instead of using the application. So therefore, if someone knows your password on a CPPS, but doesn’t have an authentication code linked to your account, they cannot break into it. But beware that these random codes have an expiry time so they will go invalid if you don’t make use of it in time.

  • How would you go about making use of 2FA?

Well it’s extremely simple, if a CPPS such as CPPS.me or Hyperboreal provides 2FA as their secondary security option into securing your account then you shouldn’t have any issues. All you need is to know what kind of Smartphone you have and download the appropriate applications below.

Windows users:


QR Code Reader

iOS users:


Bar Code Scanners

Android users:

Google Authenticator

Barcode Scanner

Since I’m an Android user and I’m very familiar with it, I will be showing you guys how to get it done. So I’ve created an account on Hyperboreal for this tutorial. As you can see from the picture below, I’m now logged into the account and you can also see that I’ve marked the button that helps you enable 2FA.


Now once you hit that button you will be taken to a page like the picture below.


Now you see two things: your Recovery Code – in case you lose your smartphone or complete access to your account and towards the right you see a QR Code. Kindly note down the recovery code in a text file or something and store it in a safe location. Now this is where you have to use the applications in your smartphone. So quickly get your handset ready and open the BarCode Scanner and place the QR Code within the box just like the picture below.



So once the QR Code has been identified by the application, it should make a beeping sound and you should get a similar pop up inside the application, so the next thing you should do is click on Open browser. The moment you do this it will open Google Authenticator with another pop up asking you to save the key and you should touch Ok.


And now you’ve successfully synced the account with the application and it should start generating random 6 digit codes like I explained earlier.


So waste no time and go ahead and enter the code onto Hyperboreal’s site where it says Auth Code and hit the Submit button to verify the account, like the picture below.


and you now have 2FA successfuly enabled in your account! Adios to the hackers 🙂


So lets go ahead and log out of the account and relogin to check if this works perfectly, so now you will see a page like the picture below – pop up right after you enter your login details, asking you for an authentication code, so again open Google Authenticator, grab the new code, enter it and click Submit and you should be able to successfully login!


Well that’s a wrap everyone, I hope y’all understood what 2FA is and learned how to make good use of it, if you have any further questions in regards to 2FA, feel free to leave a comment or contact me through SpeedyCPPSHQ Discord Chat and I’d be glad to help you out 🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Until next time, adios amigos!

~ Lynx.


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