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On November 22nd, 2017, Smurf#5646, 2nd in command of the Army called Romans, was threatened by an individual named Gang:

Romans Discord:

The threat mentioned someone known as the Almuftaras, saying they will target Smurf if they don’t leave Armies. I have a lead on the mystery of who the Almuftaras is. Someone known as Gengar, for reasons I will go over later on in the post, sent me the following message on Discord.

So, who is Gengar? Well, on November 19th, 2017, someone named StubbornJedi#2886 gave me access to one of their extra accounts, so that I may be able to talk to someone who blocked me:

Since I was using my school rental computer, I was unable to use the token (it blocks Inspect Element), so I got my friend’s help. Unfortunately, they couldn’t figure out how to use tokens. So, recently, I gave someone I met the token to StubbornJedi’s extra account. Their name was NickEman132 [YT]#3090. See the screenshots below for my conversation with them.
As you can see in this screenshot, the extra account StubbornJedi gave me was Gengar:
Here is Nick’s screenshot zoomed in:
This makes the prime suspects NickEman and StubbornJedi. So, why did Gengar send me this screenshot?: Well, they sent me that screenshot right after a slandering campaign against Djgtjvgyhxgy, the Emperor of Romans, and Elmikey, the main leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation. They sent me screenshots of them saying bigoted and sexual things on fake CPPS.ME accounts, EllmikeyRPF and Djgtjvgygxy. Notice how the DJ impostor has two letters flipped in their username, and how the Elmikey impostor has two L’s in their username.
Additionally, I recently discovered evidence that Lord Pythas was not actually a hacker.
However, as the Almuftaras has demonstrated a history of faking screenshots and pretending to be other people, this could be a fake StubbornJedi. Lord Pythas also has the same history. Is there a connection between the two? Could they be trying to mislead us about their identities? If so, will they try again? Regardless, I talked to one of the people who said “Pythas will haunt you”, and they provided additional confirmation that Lord Pythas is not a hacker: It is clear that the Lord Pythas incident had more motive then just memeing. What was it?
Tell us your thoughts about Lord Pythas and the Almuftaras in the comments below!
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