What’s been going on with OldCP recently?

Hey Everyone,

OldCP has been going through a lot of updates lately. They have been adding a lot of new things. You’re all going to love the recent updates on OldCP. Continue reading to find what’s going on with OldCP recently:

First off, OldCP is going to implement a democracy. They’ll have a president who is in charge of running the game alongside the Emperor. The president will have 4 special judges, and those special judges will be chosen by the “Supreme Judge”. The Supreme Judge promotes and demotes special judges. This individual ensures judges are doing their jobs correctly. The president cannot do anything without asking his or her 4 judges first.

Secondly, if the President wants to add knights or any other role back, him or her would have to check with their special judges first ask if they agree, then they come back. If not, then they don’t come back. You’re probably wondering how to become president, well here’s how:

  • ONCE every three months there will be an election
  • The election will last for a week
  • People who are wanting to be president will campaign for a week at their own rallies
  • Towards the end of the week, the Chancellor will pick those who they think are suitable
  • After they’re chosen, users will be able to vote who they want
  • Most votes gets president for three months

Lastly, the president is in charge of ruling OldCP under the guidance of its 4 judges. The judges are in charge of agreeing or disagreeing with the president’s decisions. The Supreme judge is in charge of demoting/promoting the judges 4 judges. If the Supreme Judge feels like one of the president’s judges turn against them, they’re able to demote. The Chancellor is in charge of making the elections. Any questions? Ask a staff member on OldCP.

That’s the big news about what’s currently happening with OldCP. Have any questions? Please make sure to ask on the Speedy Community chat. Also, be sure to join the OldCP’s official discord chat. Thank you. 🙂

Official Chats: SpeedyCPPSHQ  OldCP



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