What You Might Have Missed: Cpps.me!

Aye Penguins!

Many updates and awesome new features have been added to Cpps.me since we have last made a post on the site. So if you haven’t been logging on, or you just didn’t notice it, here is what you might have missed!

First off we have clothing.  Now, Cpps.me has always been known for it’s custom clothing. Whether it be bringing in brands such as Nike, or re-colouring items like the black scarf. But recently they have gone above and beyond, bringing in items that are newer and better than ever!  Some of these items include, the Vans hoodie, the galaxy hoodie, the light pink hoodie, and the Starbucks coffee; and that is barely even scratching the surface of the new items they have.  Be sure to log on and see the rest of the items they have to offer!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.08.22 PM

Secondly we have their new punishment system for minor rules that are broken.  It’s a jail, how this works is if you break a small rule such as abusing the help system, you will be sent to jail for a few hours.  Your penguin is not able to leave the room.  All in all, it’s a lighthearted way to make sure you don’t break the rules again.


Next we have POTW (Penguin Of The Week).  For POTW, it is cpps.me recognizing it’s kind helpful users in two penguins that will be posted on their blog weekly.  To earn this you must be an active helpful penguin, coming up with ideas and participating in events around the island.

And finally we have mod badges.  In past years Cpps.me has used the classic member system to signify mod, one stripe being for trial mod, three stripes being for mod, four stripes for head mod, and a star for being an admin.  But recently they have changed it.  Members will still have the same badge, but as for staff members, you can hover over their icon with your mouse if you are confused.  They even have a badge for their official bots now!

That’s about all the latest on Cpps.me, I hope to see you on staying out of jail and enjoying the custom items!  Have fun logging on.



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