What you may have missed on Virtual Penguin!

Hi guys,

Virtual Penguin’s user base has been growing, fast, with a recent tweet confirming over 25,000 registered accounts.


With the high player demand, a lot of updates have been pushing out in a timely manner to adjust to the flow. Virtual Penguin has also taken the opportunity to release a statement, to attempt to lure in more Club Penguin players, with:

Club Penguin is shutting down in March 2017. Tell your friends about Virtual Penguin and let the CP community live through here.
The more people you bring, the more of a chance you’ll become a moderator!

Upon login, Virtual Penguin has made it easier to select a server suitable for you.

With the new division of servers, you can select a server that allows adult content, in comparison to one that does not allow swearing and inappropriate acts.

Although, if you do accidentally say a naughty word on the [SAFE] server, you will be filtered, and your message will not be sent.

Item Hue is back! Virtual Penguin has incorporated the hue option within the outfit saver, allowing you to unlock different color schemes on your outfits.

<3 green

Not only that, but the item adder has a new addition. Instead of just adding an item, there is now a ‘wear’ option right next to that – allowing you to put on your desired item, faster.

You will also bump into a few more penguin customization options such as beak, eye color & chest color, to further make your penguin stand out from the crowd!

Virtual Penguin has officially now opened up moderator applications! By clicking on the ‘Moderator Apps’ tab, you will be acknowledged with how to become a moderator, which follows:

Virtual Penguin staff are hiring! To apply you NEED to be in the Light Troops and attend battles. The more battles you attend, you more likely you’ll be hired.
So if you’re wanting to become a moderator, it may look like you are required to join Light Troops!

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NOTE: In order to play Virtual Penguin, you are required to disable your adblock.




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