What are CPPS.io’s big plans for their one year anniversary?! + Details and Sneak peeks!

Hey guys,

A one year anniversary is a very Special thing to a CPPS as not many reach this milestone, whether it be the lack of users or lack of motivation to keep the CPPS alive, a lot of CPPSes die before they make it to this stage. To honor this, CPPS.io has big plans for their one year anniversary and you definitely won’t want to miss it.

So because one year is such a big milestone for a CPPS what can I tell you about the party? Or maybe the question is what can I show you?

Well for starters while I’ve been told you can definitely raise your expectations for the party I can’t reveal too much, it has to be a surprise you know! But enough about what I can’t reveal, what about what I can? Well I can reveal that there will be a very limited edition custom one-year anniversary hat! The hat will only be available to collect for 24 hours and after that, it’ll be patched! Make sure you don’t miss it! I wonder what it’ll look like?

As I said I can’t reveal too much but I still have two more sneak peeks up my sleeve!

What would a one-year anniversary party be without custom rooms? Here’s a sketched version of the town, I wonder what it’s hiding! It seems like the main part of the event will be taking place in the town by the looks of the banner on the Coffee Shop.

And while there are many more things I’d love to show you I only have one more Sneak peek for you:

An updated CPanel! With transparency! … and more! But you’ll have to wait until the party to see!

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything else to show you as we’re keeping the large majority of this party hush-hush, but in one weeks time on February the 25th everything will be revealed! All the secrets we’re hiding, all the competitions and V.I.P giveaways + more will be revealed!

The exact time of the party taken from CPPS.io’s website:

Date: Saturday, February 25th

Time: 11:00 AM (PST)

And as I mentioned above don’t forget about the hat! You’ll only have 24 hours, and then it’ll be gone for good!



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