We’re hiring!

Ever wanted to join the Speedy CPPSHQ team? Now is your chance!

Speedy CPPSHQ is hiring, and we’re looking for a team to help push Speedy CPPSHQ into 2018! If you are interested in writing for us, we may need you.

As you may have noticed, Speedy CPPSHQ has become inactive lately with the limited amount of fresh content being posted, (although, we have been keeping our key pages updated such as our CPPS or Resource list). This is because of our limited team, and availability of that team. But we hope to change that.

To join us, there is no set application, but a few requirements you may need to check off before considering to submit your interest:

  • Have the willingness to learn how to operate the site.
  • Can be active with creating new posts.
  • Are not part of another CPPS news site. (We need your full attention here).
  • Can spell correctly, and have a good sense of grammar. Or, if you are somewhat rusty, have an extension such as Grammarly installed.
  • Have a discord account. (To join the staff chat).
  • Have the passion to be part of something great!

If you tick all these boxes, you may be fit to join our team.

If you are interested, join our Discord server, and add + pm any staff member with your interest.





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