We’re down but not quite out!

Greetings readers and staff,

As you may have heard from the main admin Rexy (who is which now retired), he has decided to close Speedy CPPSHQ entirely, and which he has set the blog to private.

I’ve decided that we should continue to run Speedy CPPSHQ into the future.

The blog’s now going to undergo drastic changes in order to improve quality and demand. Starting with the staff. I have made the biggest mistake into hiring in-adequate staff members and staff members who have bad spelling an grammar. I take blame for that, and that is which partly the reason why the blog may be like this today. From which, we will undergo a staffing change, which I will decide who will stay, and who will go. Then we will launch into new applications, which are more improved.

Blog events have never worked out, so now they will be put on hold and it may un-decided if they will continue in the future.  As which we will also launch a contact email, where teams will be assigned to moderate inquires, and respond. Also, we will have newsletters, summing up the month of our blog, and team bulletins so we will all stay in contact.

There are loads more renovations that will occur, and we are unsure when these will be finished. Please stay patient as we launch into the new year fresh.

Thanks for sticking with us,

Michael – Speedy CPPSHQ Administration



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