Welcoming ToxicCP!

Hey everyone! [spacer height=”-20px”] Today, I have some exciting news for ya’ll. A new CPPS called ToxicCP has arrived to the CPPS community. I sure hope you all are excited. Let’s take a look at the login.


But then when you login, what happens next? Let’s take a look.


You can see when you were last seen on the game, penguin age, how many coins you have and the rank. Let’s get onto the Search bar.


When you search up the player’s user name, it will show you all the clothing items they are wearing, plus this.


As you can see, Toxic is the owner of this CPPS. Now, let’s hop onto the Server page.


As you can see the Server page displays the CPPS server status as always, how many registered users, if the game server is online and if the login server is online. It also shows how many users are online. Moving on, to the Setting page.


You may change your email and password if anything goes wrong, if someone hacks into your account, you could change it immediately before they do.You can also change your speed.


The one thing I like is that you get free name glow, bubble color, name color, bubble text, and even speed. Most CPPSes don’t give out free speed to users. You must either pay for VIP or become a staff member on the CPPS. Last, let’s log into the game.


The owner/developer Toxic is still implementing features to the CPPS, so once he adds a whole load of fun and exciting features, I’ll keep everyone updated.

Anyway, thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!


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