Welcoming CPPS.ws


Hess here with some exciting news. I am here to announce a brand new CPPS called CPPS.ws.


Created by Daniel and offers some unique standout features such as; Interface glow, Playercard Hue and a Custom Dock. It will also still have all your favorites like; Penguin Speed, Name color,  Bubble glow, Walk On Walls & Nameglow. CPPS.ws have a very attentive and courteous staff who will be happy to help you at any time for anything. It will also feature a PM System for those who want to talk one on one with another privately.

Now a little about the creator Daniel. Daniel is no stranger to the community. He was a moderator for IceyCP & CPPS.pw, a Staff Member on Solstice and a Head Knight on OldCP.  CPPS.ws promises to welcome each and everyone and they hope you have and enjoyable playing experience. Some pictures are shown below for your viewing into this new CPPS.




Like every other brand new CPPS, it is still new to the community and therefore you may face bugs and glitches. However need not to worry as the Team is working hard on setting things up to improve your user experience. If you do face any issue, kindly report it to the Team and it will be taken care of.

Well that’s all folks hope to see y’all on CPPS.ws and waddle on! Until next time, adieu.




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