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Hi guys,

We’ve been busy behind-the-scenes planning out new exciting ways to bring you new content, one being Services!

Our brand new Services section may be a blast from the past, but we’ve thought it was necessary to implement a section that is different to News & Entertainment. Within this section, we’ll be rolling out different post types.

  1. Interviews
  2. Throwbacks
  3. Your Voice
  4. Spotlights


We will continually be contacting CPPS owners, and staff members to ask them questions you want answered! From upcoming plans for the server to hiring, we’ll be sure to ask the questions that matter most to you.


Like what the name sounds like, it is all about revisiting the past. We’ll pick out a past server and bring you a post to remind you of what the server was like, from the team who brought you the server, distinguishing features, rooms, commands and more. This service will definitely bring back some nostalgia.

Your Voice

Your voice is what matters. Our team will be deployed on random servers to grab feedback straight from you. We want to know what you think about the server you’re on, what you like & dislike, and what you want to see added to the server. We’ll continually bring you brand new questions to really dive deep into your true opinions on that server.


Occasionally, we will shine our spotlight onto a random CPPS. This server may hold a feature that we have posted about in the past but didn’t receive enough recognition. We’ll dwell deep into the ideas behind the feature, what users like about it and more information about a certain feature that you may want to learn about. If a CPPS designs a custom party, we may also shine the spotlight on their custom rooms and break it all down for you.

That’s a wrap!

We hope you do find these brand new services to the community useful.




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