Welcome to Pengur!

Welcome to Pengur! If you’re not aware, it’s a brand new AS3 CPPS founded by Flame and Yoyo with lots of great features!

So far everything is going great and is a big success with hundreds of registrations already! People are absolutely loving Pengur and that is of no surprise as it is amazingly unique and boasts extremely unique features some never before seen in the CPPS community, the staff at Pengur sure worked hard!

This post will be showcasing what it’s like to be a new user in Pengur!

Let’s sign up!

Standard register page

Done registering, now what else does Pengur have to offer?

Even when logging in you’ll have something to look forward to! The Pengur staff team definitely went all the way and even made a completely custom login experience!

Woah, this opening screen is animated!
How friendly 🙂

Multiple login screens!

Even the penguin and server pages are unique!

Pretty neat!

Upon logging in you’ll be greeted by none other than Rookie!

He will give you a gift, be sure to accept it!

Now inside of Pengur! As you can see they have their own interface and there’s a P Button in the top right, upon on clicking it a menu will be brought up!

Wooo, release gifts!

That’s all for now! There’s a lot more to Pengur and Speedy will be sure to make more posts about it! This has been an introduction post of sorts and I hope you end up loving Pengur just as much as I do!

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Happy #Pengurday !




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