Welcome to Entertainment!

G’day mate!

Welcome to Speedy Entertainment!

Yes, yes.. we agree.. very spicy!

So here’s the deal. Our brand new section is here to shift the focus off CPPS news. We thought, long and hard… and we really needed a place where we can tone down a little (y’know get relatable?) and bring you content that isn’t heavily news based! So entertainment is what we thought of, because who doesn’t like being entertained?

Okayyyy.. we promise we won’t Madagascar-bomb you again without any notice.

This section (speedycppshq.com/entertainment or hit that bit ‘ENTERTAINMENT‘ menu!) may seem very bare right now, but we’re gonna give you a quick run-down so we won’t have any explaining to do for our very strange upcoming posts.

As said, sometimes CPPS news isn’t always there. So this is where this section comes in! We’re gonna shift that focus and throw it out the window, because we love to have a little fun sometimes! This section will, of course, be about CPPS-style entertainment, so we’ll be rolling out posts that may seem a little more interesting than the ones you are used to. Brought to you by the very same team.

YES! We agree with you laughing stock photo lady with the ancient looking laptop! WE AGREE! It is GREAT to laugh, and we may try to pull this off. But in reality, we ain’t no comedians.

In this section you will find a collection of things, they can range from interesting facts you wouldn’t normally need to know, or a collection of things we find that you should know about! We want to be relatable, screw that language. let’s tone it down broz. After all, we are basically you, the CPPS players.. and we know what’s up & cookin’ in the community.

In all seriousness, we want this section to revolve around what’s trending in the community. If we notice a trend, we’ll jump right onto that bandwagon, even if the content is controversial. Make sure you’re following us on Speedy CPPSHQ and Speedy CPPSHQ Engage AND CPPS Polls, a brand new branch from our entertainment hub, on Twitter as some posts contain things we notice on these platforms! Just imagine how great would it be for you to be the inspiration behind a post, and we’ll always be pulling tweets and pasting them right into our posts. (sorry facebook, no 💖 for you)

It’s time to drop your newspapers and clear your attention as our section is wayyy cooler than news..

We’re super super duper excited to bring you this content that you may not be used to, we hope you like it, and we’re gonna be forever changing, thinking of new ways to bring you content that may interest you. So don’t feel scared to drop off a post idea that could fit in neatly in our entertainment section. We’ll see what we can do!

To further extend our explanation, Entertainment-style posts can only be viewed within the Entertainment section, and not display on the home post feed. We gotta separate them wild beasts! But don’t forget new posts will be always tweeted out like normal, so you’ll never miss a news or entertainment post!

We’re trying to make this fit, and we’re invested into bringing you fresh, new entertainment content, along with CPPS news on a regular basis.

Let’s get started, shall we?




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