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Hi guys,

The team at Speedy CPPSHQ has been hard at work bringing you the best of the best, in CPPS News content. Today, we took a step forward into the future, and have switched over to WordPress.org.

The team will now have more control of the blog, the content posted, and accessories to benefit your experience here at Speedy. With the combination of useful plugins, we have already brought you some new features, like a shoutbox, which can be found just to the left which we encourage all viewers to engage within.

We are currently configuring our new format, and will take on any suggestions from the community, so feel free to comment on this post. All content from our old website has now been moved over, guaranteeing to find what you were looking for. If you face any problems connecting to Speedy CPPSHQ, or find any broken links, please report it to a author in the shoutbox, or comment on any post.

We hope you enjoy this new move,



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