Welcome back!

Hello guys,

Happy new year!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas & New Year celebrations. What did you get for Christmas?

We are officially back in business, with a few changes, which will be expanded on later in this post.

We have changed some features, although the theme looks great so we decided to keep it. Also in the next few days a few useless pages will be deleted, as our Author & Penguin of the month has already been removed as it wasn’t a fair vote.

I have mentioned last year, that in 2013 we will be hiring less staff members, which from now on, we have a new system. If staff positions are open, on the Apply page, there it will be written how many positions are open. If you do apply and no positions are vacant, you will simply be placed on our waiting list.

If you are currently are staff member, and do want to leave Speedy CPPSHQ for good. Please comment bellow to confirm this. Remember: If you do quit Speedy CPPSHQ, you cannot blog again, unless you do fill out the application once again. Please choose wisely.

If a staff member does want leave us for a while, you will need to speak to me or Rexy about Temporary leave, which is usually granted if you do tell us in advance.

The New Speedy CPPSHQ  [Important bit]

Speedy CPPSHQ has to merge to fit others needs. CPPS’ are starting to leave peoples minds, and move onto other things, so we must change to the benefit of others, and the blog.

After months of deliberation we have agreed to reach to an alternate outcome.

Starting today, Speedy CPPSHQ will not only be a CPPS blog, we will now allow all authors of Speedy CPPSHQ, to post about the following games or categories:

Club Penguin

And of course CPPS’!

With this major move, this puts Speedy CPPSHQ as a multi-purpose blog. Which is basically allowing you to post about, just about anything. If you do have another topic which isn’t listed above, and you do want to make a post about it, ask me about it, and it will be reviewed.

Q. Why is Speedy CPPSHQ doing this?

A. Cpps’ won’t last forever, so Speedy CPPSHQ is getting prepared to take action. We are now going to introduce more topic’s you may post about, as recently our blog views are declining  and also to keep more active posting by our authors.

We are firstly trialing this. The trial will last for a total of 2 months. If the new system does not work out properly, it will be scrapped and replaced with the old blog system.

We might be changing the blog’s name later this year, but it may be kept the same, due to all our content watermarked.

Our normal events will run throughout the year, which will be scheduled on the sidebar very soon.

The idea of the running the blog on other blogging platforms (which was spoken about in an older post) may take off later this year. I am still deciding if it would be appropriate to do so, and which people could run the blogs. [Still be debated over]

Mascot bloggers will also join Speedy CPPSHQ this year, look out for those!

Later this year, we have many surprises that you will enjoy. These are going to be fantastic.

Staff: You may start rolling out Happy New Year posts, and new posts now.

Thank you for your commitment to the blog everyone!

Kind Regards,

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