Welcome back to Speedy!


Welcome back!

Speedy CPPSHQ is officially back in business, resuming its posting out of hiatus.

With the attacks on our blog, we were unsure of our future, but due to the community needing us, we have decided to stay and run into the future of CPPS News reporting. You may already notice a few site changes since we re-launched, with a brand new theme. This is only the beginning of the new approach we will take into making our site a unique stand-out. Through this, we are taking aboard suggestions an ideas from the community, so be sure to drop us some feedback in our brand new ticket system, here.

On behalf of the team, we would like to thank you for your overwhelming spread of support you have for Speedy CPPSHQ. We are blessed to have a such kind community, and the community is what makes us strong, which made us think twice before closing the website.

We will soon be making brand new changes to some of our must-loved aspects of the site, to improve and drive the blog into the future. We also have new plans on having an interactive approach towards service checks, which will soon be involving you! Stay tuned.

Before we leave this introduction, we have a quick call-out to an opening of author positions. If you think you are right for the Speedy CPPSHQ team, drop us an application via the Contact Us page!

Welcome back,
Speedy CPPSHQ Administration 



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