Welcome Back!

Hi guys!

Welcome one and all to the project we’ve been working on for 2 weeks now. Welcome to Speedy 2017.

The much-anticipated release is finally here! We have made many changes to the look & feel of the site, and the content!

You may already notice many changes, such as the news-style approach. You will automatically be bombarded with content, whether it’s breaking news, trending posts, featured posts, you name it!

Along with the changes, we have introduced a few new changes..


  • A forum. We have added a community forum to the blog, which can be found from the main nav menu. This forum is not here to compete with other forums, but is simply used to help you (the reader) gain a greater experience here. With CPPS discussions, tutorials, advertisements & tipoffs.
  • Gossip. We all like a little fun and gossip. Our Speedy CPPSHQ tumblr team will be running our very own gossip section. The tumblr has been embedded within the Gossip tab so you won’t have to go navigating away from the site. The Gossip section will mainly consist of fun pics we snap around cppses, the latest rumors, memes and you name it! We also take submissions, so view the blog to submit your very own content.
  • Quizzes. We LOVE personality quizzes (who doesn’t like a daily dose of BuzzFeed ayy). We have specialized people in the business (kind of..) to create these amazing personality quizzes. Many of these will feature CPPS-related content but we’ll always throw in a few fun ones.
  • Support. We have added a support ticket system. The support system will be your best contact platform. If you have a query regarding a CPPS, we will do our best to forward your message to that server. The support system will also be your best method of applying for positions.

Content Changes

  • Services have been scrapped. We will no longer offer Service Checks, Shout outs, Throwbacks, Select’s, etc. Our main focus is CPPS news. Although, aspects from these services may be combined into standard posts, just without the label.
  • Coming soon server changes. In past, we have featured coming soon servers on our CPPS List. We have now made the added of change, of only featuring these services on our CPPS List if the server owner provides us with an approximate ETA release date.
  • Featured Images. Our design team has crafted some custom featured images to feature on posts. Not all servers do have a custom image just yet, but these will be created over the coming weeks.

Content Feeds Explained

  • Latest – All of your latest posts will feature right here.
  • Popular – The most viewed posts will be collected under this category.
  • Hot Posts – If the latest post spikes in views, it will be featured here.
  • Top Liked  – You control what features here! Every post will have a “like” option underneath the header. The most liked posts will feature here.
  • Trending – If a post is seen trending, it will be collected and placed in this category.

But that’s not all, feel free to explore the many other changes across the site. We’re still working on finalizing the remainder of our upcoming features across the next few weeks.

We hope you enjoy this new site update the team has been working so hard on!




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