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Introducing our weekly re-caps. We’re here to re-cap all reported, and some unreported CPPS news which occurred throughout the week. Let’s get right to it!

On Sunday, Pengur hinted at a brand new android app which is coming soon. The app marked as ‘Creators Studio’ came out of the blue released via the official Pengur Twitter account.

Pengur are yet to make further comments on this app, which leaves us all guessing on what this could be. What do you think this app will do? Let us know in the comments! That’s not all from Pengur.. a brand new party has also released, time to pitch a tent and get camping with Camp Pengur. The brand new party brought on an element of surprise, with a big lead in on users wondering what Pengur had planned. The party offers many things to do, and overall have fun. Join in the fun until June 25. [Full Post]

Also on Sunday we saw Matt’s CPPS make a surprising appearance via Twitter, tweeting a exclusive preview on what they are working on, which is lead to believe Matt’s CPPS is set to make a return later this year. These reports were later confirmed with an official launch date set in September. A countdown timer has also been seen on the official website to countdown until the official launch. Are you excited for it’s return? [Full Post]

Matt’s CPPS Sneak Peek

On Monday, StarPenguin launched it’s much anticipated Nature Expedition! This party has been set to end on July 2nd, giving you plenty of time to visit the event. The Nature Expedition offers a wide variety of things to do, and also the opportunity to claim some brand new custom items! [Full Post]

Also on Monday, Speedy CPPSHQ announced our massive June lineup full of events. The giveaway event would mean a partnership with several servers where we could conduct events, giveaways and contests. The idea behind this was to reward our community in having a lot of fun! [Full Post]

On Tuesday, Flippr launched a brand new Private Messaging system! This highly advanced system was an amazing addition to Flippr. The PM system would allow users to not only Private Message each other, but also others on the server or current room, alike a massive group chat. Flippr has also updated now allowing custom room & igloo music, allowing users to set their own custom music via YouTube to specific rooms of their selection. Flippr also launched it’s voting for the Summer Prom King & Queen, where polling booths were setup at the town, and decorated for the occasion. [Full Post]

Tuesday also brought a new CPPS.io project to the table. The owner, Shaun announced that he will be working on a brand new project for CPPS.io – CPPS.io Project v2, fit for its plan! Shaun has hinted that the new project will be a highly improved server, with bug fixes and brand new features. Now this is what we all want to hear. Unfortunately a release date has not yet been disclosed, so it’s recommended to tune in. [Full Post]


Speedy CPPSHQ launched it’s first giveaway event also on Tuesday, with uberPenguin beta keys. Uber generated many beta keys for the Speedy CPPSHQ to giveaway, in order to attract more users to the server for its server stress testing. The event has wrapped up with Speedy CPPSHQ allocating loads of keys to viewers who were interested in testing the server. [Full Post]

Wednesday brought us an exclusive first look of the upcoming CPPS, MystCP. The server which is owned by Lynx and co-owned by Shawn is set to launch on July 4, and have showcased some of its unique features. The server is currently in private beta, with it soon be opened to more people, with Shawn & Lynx creating exclusive private beta accounts for the server. [Full Post]

Some of MystCP’s amazing features!

On Wednesday we also had the opportunity to speak to two loyal CPPS.pw users in our ‘Your Say’. Both Angie & Samantha1 provided us with an insight on their experience on CPPS.pw, with their favorite features being the fog/glitter trail and penguin rotation. Both players visit CPPS.pw everyday and are fairly new players to the server. [Full Post]

Thursday, Speedy CPPSHQ introduced a new service called ‘YouTube division’. This side of Speedy CPPSHQ now opened up an opportunity for CPPS News to be made in video form, to further extend our horizon in the way we deliver news to the community, to now a more visual approach. You can view our YouTube channel, here. [Full Post]

Also on Thursday Speedy CPPSHQ had the opportunity to speak to two very long-term CPPS.me players for our latest ‘Your Say’. Both Morals and ZakDaGamer have been playing CPPS.me for quite a long time and love Name Glow and Bubble Color on the server. Morals recommended the server to have more features in order to improve. [Full Post]

Thursday also brought us one of the biggest events of the week, with the merge of CPPSNews.pw & Speedy CPPSHQ. With a lot of discussion both CPPS news sites have joined forces into delivering you the best and latest CPPS news, together. This decision saw both teams merge as one and create brand new innovative ideas and deliver the best CPPS news. [Full Post]

Speedy CPPSHQ also had the opportunity to speak to two wonderful Flippr players on their opinions on the game. Both Ashen & Gavin have been playing Flippr for quite some time and enjoy almost every feature on the game. They both love Flippr so much that they do not dislike any features and visit the server often. [Full Post]

Friday brought us one Speedy CPPSHQ’s latest expansion projects, highlight social media. Speedy CPPSHQ has launched brand new social media platforms on Snapchat, Kik, YouTube, Instagram and even xat. We have decided to engage more and call this our #EngagementExpansion project to bring you the latest CPPS news to all our platforms. The new project also involves the revival of neglected platforms such as Facebook, Ask.fm, and Tumblr. [Full Post]

Friday also broke the news of a brand new CPPS called FrostPengu. The Server is currently running on the luna source and is owned by Nuno & Dev. The server is blooming with features including a black custom loader, which gives it a nice edge. [Full Post]


Friday has also put the spotlight on a much-loved CPPS.me feature, which is BotMan. We brought you some generic information on the use of BotMan such as commands, along with tips and tricks when using him. [Full Post]

Friday also brought us to a massive Speedy CPPSHQ & Flippr Event, run by Jennifer. The event involved fun and games on Flippr, celebrating Speedy CPPSHQ. The event also played part in handing out penguin glow to one lucky player and unlocking new custom items via a code which was only available for 24 hours. The Coffee Shop was also decorated for the occasion, with perks of Speedy CPPSHQ marked around the room. Also congratulations to the winner of the event, who was Slinky! [Full Post]

Speedy CPPSHQ Event room on Flippr

Friday also gave us the opportunity to conduct a ‘Your Say’ on CPPS.io. We were fortunate to interview both Cleo68014 & Angie089. Both players have been playing CPPS.io for quite some time and enjoy the server, finding nothing they dislike about it. Their most favorite feature is Name Glow and both play CPPS.io regularly. [Full Post]

Friday invited a brand new server called GalacticCP to the scene. The CPPS is run on the luna source and has great working advanced features, along with basic features. [Full Post]

Speedy CPPSHQ also hit a new milestone on Friday, breaking it’s past record of most unique views on the site within a day. The past record was 930 achieved in May, but we have now broken the record with it now being 1,180 views. We’d like to thank everyone for helping us achieve this new goal! [Full Post]

Saturday brought us another event held on CPPS.me, called #POTY (Penguin of the Year). This event followed with a massive celebration of fun and games, along with giveaways spanned across a few hours. Speedy CPPSHQ was there to support the event, and would like to congratulate the Male POTY, Flame & Female POTY, Jaxzy. Congratulations to both winners!


Saturday also brought us a brand new interview with Bones, who is an owner on uberPenguin. Bones revealed he was invited by Lux to rejoin the CPPS community to join the project, uberPenguin. It has now been revealed that uber will have up to 9 customized features and custom rooms + items to the server. It is set to release mid-July. [Full Post]

Flippr has announced it’s Prom King & Queen Winners. We’d like to congratulate Eggplant80 & Taylor Swift, for being Flippr’s first Prom King & Queen.

Solero has been mischievous, pulling a prank on the forum on ‘removing all club penguin and cpps discussion’ and threatening to add warning points to those who broke the new guidelines. This confused the solero community as CPPS discussions were a main part of the forum. Lynx broke the news addressing that it was only a prank later today. Phew! That certainly got us!

We’re finally wrapping the week off with some important security tips for CPPS players and CPPS owners. Key points such as using unique passwords on different servers and running virus scans are great prevention methods of security risks. Server owners are also reminded to not share access to the server to multiple people, use captcha’s whenever necessary & to use a mysql database with ssh. These server owner tips are provided by Lynx. [Full Post]

This brings up to this weeks recap. We all had a wonderful week and we cannot wait to bring you the latest news for next week!

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