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As you know, we will post about weekly re-cap every week, so what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

On Wednesday, Speedy CPPSHQ posted about a event which was planned on hosting a give away event at Pengur by Camden and Jennifer. [Full Post]

When the give away started at 2pm EST, 2016/06/25. The users enjoyed the give away a lot, and some of the mascots visited such as aunt arctic and cadence. Pengur worked really hard on the give away and designed a stage for speedy’s event and a custom item for the winners of the give away contest. Users also got an exclusive pin at the end of the event, and the winners of the contest were adrianijr and Fiets. [Full Post]

A glimpse of Pengur’s stage for the give away event.

Friday brought us an exclusive sneek peeks about iPenguin’s new upcoming features. The post includes a lot of exclusive stuff such as penguin hue, beak hue and much more! [Full Post]

Also on Friday, Speedy CPPSHQ announced a sad news about Matt’s CPPS, the return of the CPPS was cancelled. The post contains a long history of when Matt’s CPPS started and how it closed. [Full Post]

Tuesday brought us an exclusive sneek peeks about Flippr’s ninja party. The post includes a lot of stuff about the party such as the custom room for the ninja party. [Full Post]

A customized beach for the ninja party

Also on Tuesday, Speedy CPPSHQ posted about an upcoming CPPS named Polar. It is owned by prodigy, Polaris and cola. The post contains a lot of exclusive sneek peeks about Polar and it’s features. [Full Post]

Again on Tuesday, Speedy CPPSHQ created a post about iPenguin. This post was created to answer your questions for iPenguin, it has answers to a lot of questions such as when will iPenguin return and much more. [Full Post]

Once again on Tuesday, Speedy CPPSHQ posted about SharkPenguin’s latest updates which included radio, new redesigned manager and much more! [Full Post]

Tuesday, once again brought us a latest news about MattsCPPS beta release date which was of course cancelled this Friday. [Full Post]

on Tuesday, Speedy CPPSHQ announced a sad news about a CPPS named Cromo. It was shutting down because of developer issues and some other reason. [Full Post]

Once again on Tuesday, Speedy CPPSHQ made a post named ‘Keep Trying’ to address recent incompatibilities between this community and another community. [Full Post]

This Saturday, Speedy CPPSHQ announced about Pengur #Fundays. The funday event will be hosted every week by SpeedyCPPSHQ, a new leader will be chosen every week for the funday event. [Full Post]

Also on Saturday, Speedy CPPSHQ posted about FrostPengu’s latest update. The post includes some stuff for the event such as the party etc. [Full Post]

On Monday, Speedy CPPSHQ posted about a new social network for CPPSes created by TheKingpin. The social network has a lot of features such as you can post about anything on your dashboard and much more! [Full Post]

This brings up to this weeks recap. We all had a wonderful week and we cannot wait to bring you the latest news for next week!




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