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It’s time to catch up on the news that you may have missed over the past week! This week has been another busy week within the CPPS community, with a range of new CPPS updates & servers opening up. Today also marks the one year anniversary of Club Penguin‘s shutdown.

One Year On

While we have moved on, to bigger and greater things.. Club Penguin will always be in our hearts & memories, as the foundations of what a CPPS is today.

Thank you to the lovely readers who have been leaving comments on our CPPS List & social media platforms. We’ve been reading your comments and acknowledging them. With that being said, our CPPS List has been updated thanks to your help!

We won’t go into a large amount of detail, but check out the following newly-added servers:

A Club Penguin remake that allows you to customize however you want without limits.

An AS2 CPPS full of fun & adventure, to keep you online for hours!

A vanilla Club Penguin private server dedicated to bringing back old Club Penguin as much as possible!

A GTA-style CPPS.

CPPS.one is finally out of beta, and fully released to the public!

Along with already released servers, there are a number of new upcoming CPPSes and servers that are currently in its beta stages. Click on the logo to be navigated to the CPPS:

On to the updates! CP Reborn gets secretive with a brand new project called Project Super Secret, which nobody really knows what it’s about. Although, if you are interested you should sign up right now here before it’s too late. Check out the little secret promo video posted via Twitter:

RubyCP hints at “Memegloos”. Love memes? Well, we’re sure you’d want your igloo to become one! RubyCP has posted a sneak peek on their twitter, of a functioning “Memegloo”. The igloo consists of the LazyTown meme. The memegloos are alleged to be costing 10,000 coins. Will you be picking some up when it releases? Check it out:

Vintage Penguin announces its upcoming closure. Vintage Penguin, unfortunately, will be coming to an end. The news broke via a blog post on the official Vintage Penguin blog. Here’s a snippet:

It’s been 11 years (give or take) since I started playing Club Penguin. I loved it when I started. Tracing the penguins on my old 5:4 monitor on the backs of my homework and waiting until midnight for the updates to launch and being so excited to play all of the new parties and everything the game had to offer. Of course, as time progressed Club Penguin would eventually close and my passion for it was still there, so I found this little site. Vintage Penguin- a promise to bring the glory of old Club Penguin as it was when I first started playing. I applied to help design and finally be able to bring my own ideas to life and have others play around in them. I’m just rambling on about my life story, but I just want you to know that this does mean a lot to me. Club Penguin has brought me inspiration to be an artist, to find a future career in Graphic Design, and meet the most amazing bunches of people on the internet. I owe all of it to this little game about penguins. But now, it’s time to set sail for future adventures. Rockhopper Island, perhaps?

With you, the community, you’ve inspired us to build an island, and you’ve changed our worlds. I can’t thank all of you enough for that. I will truly remember this for the rest of my life.

“Together, we can build an island, create a community, change the world… and even tip an iceberg.

The final date is yet to be announced, but a Waddle On Party will take place to farewell the CPPS.

CP Regenerated will not return. After facing an earlier data breach, CP Regenerated has confirmed that it will not be returning to our screens. In a quick statement:

We want to thank this amazing community for all the love and support through out these past 4 months, and we are sadly announcing that CPRG will be discontinued for safety reasons, and much more. We are sorry this happened. -The CPRG Team. Waddle on

The CPPS now has plans to move away and work on a new virtual world instead. More information can be found via their official Twitter account.

Club Penguin Online has launched the puffle party! The party not only holds your old favorite puffles, but invites a brand new Silver Puffle which can be exclusively adopted! Make sure to pop in and adopt the puffle before the Puffle Party ends on April 5.

Hi guys! The Speedy CPPSHQ administration team here!

We have recently launched a new page called Safety Guide. The purpose of this page is simple, to keep safe on CPPSes! We have added mock scenarios, along with ways to prevent some of these things from happening, so make sure to take a read of the guide here.

In regards to our CPPS & Discord List. If you are wanting your server featured in either of these lists, please leave a comment on the CPPS List with your CPPS name and a URL to your website (along with a link to any of your social platforms). We will then validate the information and feature you on the list. Note that we also featured servers that are coming soon, or in beta. If you rather join our discord server and provide us with this information, please do not harass our staff to add your server to the list. Our CPPS List is updated once or twice a week, so be patient. For coming soon servers, it would also be helpful if you have an ETA of release as we do not want coming soon servers to linger on the list for too long, as they will eventually be removed. We would also like to point out that if you are providing us with a link to your discord server, please make sure the instant invite link is set to never expire, and has unlimited uses. We actively remove expired invites from the list, and if you are unable to follow these directions your server may not be featured again on the list again.

If you are looking to join our team, and have a genuine interest.. we may just hire you! Leave us an application via our contact page (even if you cannot fill out all the answers, leave the fields blank), and we may just get back to you! We will show you the ropes, and guide you through what you will need to know when accepted. Make sure to leave your discord tag with us, so one of our administrators can contact you!!

Have any ideas or suggestions on what we could add to Speedy CPPSHQ? Something that you’d like to see or something that we could improve on? Let us know!

That’s all for now,

🐰 Happy Easter! 🐰




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