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Hi guys,

We have a new page, called ‘Voting/Polls’, click Here to visit it.

On this page, all the latest polls and public voting will be released , such as new events or blog changes. Also the ‘Penguin of the Month’ & ‘Author of the Month’, polls will also be displayed on the page.

Which is leading to my next topic.

‘Penguin of the Month’ & ‘Author of the Month’ polls for November, have officially been released a short time ago. Both polls have been combined into one, which you can easily fill out.

You are aloud to vote for yourself or anyone else as many times as you like throughout November which can give more of an opportunity for others to vote.

The poll will close at the end of November, where at the end, all the votes will be tallied up and will be graphed as usual.

Sonic55170 – The elected Author of the Month of October, has been promoted to an Author, as he was a Contributor. Sonic will also always stay on the ‘Author of the Months’ page, as past winners.

Remember, if you do get elected to be an Author/Penguin of the Month, your name will stay up on that page forever, as a past winner.

Have fun voting,

For that link again, click Here!

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