Virtual Penguin: Upcoming Closure

Hi guys,

Virtual Penguin has just announced its upcoming closure, this Saturday on Twitter.


The official announcement comes days after speculation about the future of Virtual Penguin. With the owner Anthony, releasing a statement saying that the only reason he kept it running, was for money, in a prior statement:

I’m going to University next month. I’m also going to be turning 19 next month. I’m growing up, and I really do not have time for Virtual Penguin. Truth be told, the only reason the game has been up for so long was to generate me income so I can could spend it in real life with my friends (thank you VP for making my summer great $$). I hardly know the VP community and I do not communicate with the community as I believe that’s the job for the moderators, not the owner.

The official closure statements are very controversial, although we have featured parts of the reasons for the closure:

I want a fresh new start when beginning university. I’m going to be turning 19, meeting new people, and I’ll be living on my own for the first time. I’ll also be starting a new job to pay my fees.

When Timmy and I created Virtual Penguin we didn’t expect it to achieve everything that we’ve done so far. We’ve lasted for 9 long months, managed to get over 100,000 registered users and create a huge community. Virtual Penguin was a very successful project for us, and we easily managed to make it one of the most successful CPPSes ever. I met a lot of amazing people on this game, and I am very happy to have experienced everything as the admin of this game.

I hope you can all understand and respect my decision to shut down Virtual Penguin. It was a good run, but all good things must come to an end. I’ll like to give a huge shoutout to my loyal moderators…

Mixed reactions have followed after this announcement, with some users happy with the closure, and others in mourning. The final day you can visit Virtual Penguin is Saturday September 9, before its closed off to the public.

What is your favorite memory of Virtual Penguin? Share it with us!

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