VIPenguin: Shutting down

Some sad news, the popular CPPS VIPenguin will be shutting down tomorrow (21st June 2017). First launching on the 20th March 2015, the CPPS has been a hub of player activity and gossip. With roughly 600k registered users and the max online user count of 1100 players, the closure will be a big blow to the community and VIPenguin will be missed by its user base and players from other CPPSes.

I asked the founder PliC why he was shutting it down:

“I’m shutting it down because I’m not updating it anymore. I don’t have time to take care of VIP, I have other projects and it costs more money than I get with it.” “…I’m not interested in making CPPSes anymore.”

PliC will also make the VIPenguin domain redirect to FreePenguin.

This CPPS definitely had a long lasting run and will, for sure, be missed.

Thanks, Leo.