Vintage Penguin: Upcoming Events (January 2018)

Vintage Penguin is an AS2 remake of Club Penguin.

This post is to inform readers of the upcoming events on Vintage Penguin.

January 21st – ??

Winter Fiesta – Maracas and matadors, sombreros and salsa, and much more will shake up Vintage Penguin when the Winter Fiesta spices up the island!

Here are some sneak peaks from the party!

2 new pins along with new catalogs have also released.

February ?? – ??

Festival of Snow – The Festival of Snow is composed of sculptures of snow made by you penguins in the island. So, starting now we will be opening art submissions to have your art be sculpted in the Festival of Snow. (more info on this below)

Vintage Penguin has a busy schedule ahead, with the team announcing that they’re soon to be celebrating their one year anniversary along with a something enormous planned for March.

Players who want to submit their Vintage Penguin art in to be sculpted for the upcoming Festival of Snow can submit it through commenting on their blog post (put a link to the photo), by tagging them on Twitter (@vpenguindev) with the art included or sending a photo to them via email ([email protected]).

You can play Vintage Penguin over at vintagepenguin.pw

Information from this post can be found here

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  • Does the owner of VintagePenguin even respond to his emails? He legit never replies and its sad because I wanted to know a few things like what server everyone hangs on and peak times to find players but 0 replies from him

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