Vintage Penguin Pi Day Party

Hey Everyone,

Today is Pi Day. To commemorate this, Vintage Penguin has hosted a Pi Day event where you can get four special items during the event. The items are a pie item in town and a Pi day background. After the penguin completes a series of Pi-related questions in town you are rewarded a pin in the Coffee Shop. The Pie Apron is also available in the Night Club. If you dance with the Pie Apron your penguin will show a pie and I love a good pie. The Town and the Night Club have been redesigned with the Pi symbol, 3.14…, ‘pi’, pies, and the colors green and purple. The brown color is made to resembles a pie crust.

The event is said to last 24 hours, so waddle on and hurry to this special event!

Happy Pi Day,


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