Urgent: Authors Needed!

Hi guys,

We’re at that time again when we’re looking for new authors!

Due to the urgent demand for authors, you may apply differently, with the following:

  • Your name or online name.
  • Age (minimum 13).
  • Why you would be a good author.
  • Tell us how active you will be with posts.
  • Skype (to be added into the staff communication chat).

You can email [email protected] with your applications, from there we will begin hiring a team of dedicated authors within the next 24-72 hours. You will be contacted by email and Skype.

If you have been thinking about joining us for a while, this may your best opportunity. When selecting authors, we look more on how active you will be, along with a decent way to deliver CPPS news to a large audience.

We’re throwing out the books and making on the spot decisions from the applications sent to us, where we are looking to hire an additional team of 6-7 members.

Good luck!

CPPS News delivered differently. Apply Now!



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