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Hello there fellow users,

I am Fang, the owner of uPlayEve. Along with the end of our first custom Holiday Party, we’ve pushed out some updates, which you might have seen on Twitter before. The updates aren’t big at all.

First of all, before you log in, you’ll notice the new login screen, which some of you may know (we’ve used it before we closed) and it advertises the upcoming party! There is also a piece of music that you can play.



Next, as soon as you log in, you will notice something interesting in the down right corner. Yup! It’s the feature you’ve seen in sneak peeks on @uPlayEve’s twitter for the past two weeks.



Let me explain what does it do: when you click on the black heart, you get a warning message (in-case you don’t want to replace Start Solo as the default room or your previous one). If you click yes on it, you’ve got a new favorite room! Next time you log in, you will join the game from there. As you might also have noticed, there is a favorite count – it shows how many people so far have favorited this room!

Once you click the crossed red heart, you will revert your favorite room to the default one, which is with ID 117 (aka Start Solo).

The next update is a design one, with the end of the Holiday Party (I’m really missing it, hopefully it’ll come back this year again on uPlayEve). The rooms Start Solo, Dock and Town Center are with a brand new look! Of course, the tradition of keeping the Cave Maze is all here.




And, of course, after two weeks since our launch, there is a new pin hidden at the Dance Club – Headphones Pin.



And finally, the last but not the least thing from the game updates is the new EPF message.



Wow, what’s the thing Cadence is getting ready for? Is it for the same event we’ve made those stamps?



That’s all for today’s game updates.

As you might know, we’ve got a blog too! I’ve decided to post an useful tutorial in it regarding our friend list.


Thanks for reading my first publication on SpeedyCPPSHQ. Follow @uPlayEve  for more updates and like us on Facebook: uPlayEveCPPS




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