Updates: CPReborn

Hey everyone!

I got in contact with the owner of CPReborn, JJ, and he was willing to give me bits of the update. Which I’m going to be sharing with you today. Keep reading to hear about the updates that CPReborn has for us:

CPReborn has changed their website design. It gives a good vibe and it’s really welcoming to newcomers. Also, it’s easy to get to and grabs your attention making you want to join.

But wait, there’s more! CPReborn has also added card jitsu fire, which is in beta right now. Once beta for it is over, you’ll be able to play with friends, or be able to challenge the fire Sensei.

Lastly, CPReborn has updated the account panel within the game. It’s a different style that you don’t really see on other CPPSes. Plus, it’s really unique!

Here’s one more screenshot. This is the dashboard you get when you login as your penguin. It shows your progress with the card jitsu game and more!

That’s all of the recent updates CPReborn has for us right now. Thank you JJ for the giving us the recent updates on CPReborn! CPReborn will be back with more updates for us soon. Have any questions? Feel free to ask us on our official discord.

Also, make sure you join CPReborn’s official Discord! Check out their official website too. Thank you. 🙂


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