Upcoming Release: IceyCP

Hi guys,

A new AS2 server has been in development since late March, and is slowly making it to the finish line!


IceyCP is currently in development by both Snipe & Daniel, who has been hard at work bringing you this new, dynamic server.

Sneak peeks of the server have surfaced via their official Twitter account, @IceyCPpw for the past few months, with them dropping some giveaways on custom aspects of the server!


Above shown, IceyCP plans on adding some custom emotes to the board. Although these emotes look very familiar to another server, in a lower quality version. Also revealed in this tweet are statuses under usernames, name glow, bubble color & ring color. Which we’re all now expected to see upon launch.

Although this CPPS is currently in closed beta, the play page can be publicly accessed with a glimpse on what they will soon be offering, with a neat external interface and a customized login page.


Digging deeper, we now also see that you can add items, coins, view your ID, change rooms, change your penguin color & logout all via the external interface. With a clean dialog pop-up.


Browsing through these features, it also shows you can change the HEX color of your penguin via a similar function.

IceyCP has already selected a moderation team according to their homepage, and boasts on having many unique features, stating:

Icey includes many awesome, unique features for our users to enjoy, and more are still being added!

Source: IceyCP

We’ve very excited to see what features Icey has to offer! They have also revealed that they will be adding custom items to the server, showcasing two custom hoodies on Twitter:

Custom Orange Nike Hoodie designed by Mike
custom 1
Hoodie designed by Mike

Also judging by these pictures, it seems like the CPPS may not offer a credit system, although it does have statuses along with a decent name glow blur. The playercards also do showcase a lighter blue along with the older style moderator badges.

Although IceyCP has not been publicly released yet, it is currently under review for bug fixes and will release when it is running smoothly.

Speedy CPPSHQ has been approached by the founder, Daniel stating that IceyCP are currently looking to hire an Administrator & 2 Moderators. If you feel on applying, you can send your application to: [email protected]

We can’t wait until IceyCP’s release!

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