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Hi Penguins,

Today I was told about DesertCP – a new CPPS coming to you soon! I was given permission to beta test this CPPS, and man, let me tell you — DesertCP is certainly a masterpiece. My breath was taken away by how unique this server was, and I knew when I logged out that wasn’t the last time I was playing DesertCP. I definitely plan on going back!

This server is currently being developed by Fice, who has been trying his very hardest to make this CPPS absolutely perfect. Fice used to go by Killua, and he has already owned other servers like IslandCP and WonderlandCP.

Thankfully, I am allowed to show you sneak peeks of this soon-to-come CPPS. These pictures will absolutely astonish you! There are several features on this game that I am sure you will adore. So, let’s get to the pictures!

As you can see, there is a lot going on in this picture. I have access to bubblecolor, nameglow, penguin glow, titles, stylish transformations, and so much more! Some of these features are for premium users only. When DesertCP releases to the public, premium will be available for a certain price (which has not been decided upon yet).

Along with these awesome items for your penguin, you can also make yourself to be any color you want. Luckily, most of the commands are free of charge, so you can go crazy with it and have fun at the same time! For premium users, there is a giant list of custom backgrounds to choose from. Premium users also get very cool-looking badges added to their playercard to show their role on DesertCP, so that’s a plus!

As you can tell, Fice is putting a lot of effort into DesertCP. Being he’s the only developer, it shows how dedicated he truly is. I mean, look at that playercard, as well as that background! It shows quite a bit, especially for just being a playercard.

These are not the only things you’ll be seeing on this CPPS. Custom items are to come. The custom backgrounds have already been released, and (even more) custom rooms will be coming soon! There is a room right now that has been designed in a way I’ve never seen before —

Well, that’s all you’re going to see for now! There are a lot more features and other things coming soon. Since DesertCP is still in development, I am almost positive there is more to come later on in the future. I bet you are as excited as I am! I will inform everybody when DesertCP releases to the public. Until then, be sure to check out their website as well as to follow their Twitter for updates and whatnot!

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