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Hey everyone! Today I was given the opportunity to check out a very special up and coming server, Hyperboreal. This server is quite unique and will definitely be taking the CPPS community by storm. Hyperboreal is currently in its developmental phase and is being worked on by a team of extremely intelligent individuals with a lot of knowledge of programming. With that, Widd and Dream are getting a lot accomplished very quickly. They’ve been at work on Hyperboreal for just shy of a month and half now and already have completely functional multiplayer games, unique features, and have almost completely replicated vanilla Club Penguin. Their aspiration for Hyperboreal is for them to replicate vanilla Club Penguin, and have their server run as smoothly as possible. They’re running on a completely custom source, which is designed to be impressively secure and has proved to be.


I was introduced to the server by Dream yesterday and was invited to test! Dream was very nice about all of this and even volunteered to give me a tour of the server! We first visited the Dojo and played a few rounds of Cardjitsu before Dream introduced me to a couple of cool features their server had to offer! Without mention of how smooth the game was running the entire time, I was shown how on Hyperboreal you can successfully challenge Sensei, which can’t be seen anywhere else! You have a custom belt success counter, which displays your progress and how close you are to receiving your next belt, and even a working pin system which awards users pins for completing a given one of the list of tasks.


I cannot wait for the public release of this server and have such high hopes for Hyperboreal! So glad to see that some of our community’s most skilled developers are teaming up to create such a phenomenal server. Some other aspirations the server’s team had was to keep up to date with the catalogs and do everything they can do to keep Hyperboreal as vanilla as possible. With the fact that things get done so easily development wise, the team feels they’ll have no issues implementing their own custom features such as catalogs, items, and even features! As of now, the server is looking so great and they’ve already gotten so much done.


With multiplayer games working, and so many other features of vanilla Club Penguin in the works, I’m sure this team will accomplish their goal soon enough! Each day they are progressing, closer and closer they come to their goal. As of now with the server still in early beta, the team is giving away beta keys to access the game on their Twitter! If you receive a key, you can register, login, and play Hyperboreal, so if you don’t have a key already, be sure to keep an eye out for key giveaways on their Twitter. You can visit Hyperboreal’s Twitter by clicking here, and visit the Hyperboreal homepage by clicking here.



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