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Ultra Penguin, a new site has emerged on the scenes. Ultra Penguin is an AS2 Server with promising special features that players are familiar with. These include blends, name glows, bubble colors, speed, nickname changing, walking on walls, and size.  Also, a new feature will incorporate the ability to buy and design your own rooms, but this will have to be bought. Ultra Penguin will also have custom rooms, just not the same ones you see in every CPPS site. The staff consists of two owners George369 and Jack. Two moderators, three trial moderators, community manager and a developer.  A VIP feature is now available for players.

The staff will hire more as the game progresses so be on the lookout. The site is currently working on a support page but they do have a Discord chat that a player can join. For the penguin who loves to have a good party, this site will have custom ones. UltraPenguin’s team is currently working on a support page, but they do have a Discord chat that anybody can join, which I’ll include below.


A command page will also be included for the players to pursue. Seen in the screenshot above the owner is utilizing !pm, a command that turns on the pm system perceived in the above right-hand corner. A radio may emerge along with the infamous beak command. Igloo music will also be available for the player that likes his or choice of music by a simply entering a youtube link.

In the screenshot above, penguins are having fun with the size command and alpha feature. To join the Discord, click here.

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