uberPenguin’s New Interface

Hello, fellow penguins! I’m here to show you the new update uberPenguin has just done, let’s get on with the show!

First up, we have new side bars, located on the right side of your page, and I will list them from top to bottom

  1. uberMessenger
  2. Find Items
  3. Settings
  4. uberShop
  5. minimize

dallas 1

Second, they updated the login page and pre-launch page. I will show you pictures don’t worry.

dallas 2

dallas 3

That is all we have now today, but uberPenguin is coming a long way! Be sure to show lux and Bones some love for the awesome redesign.

Click below for the link to uberPenguin’s homepage, and make sure to register if you haven’t already!



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