uberPenguin’s Three Event Night of Fun

What a day today was! uberPenguin Administration hosted three very enjoyable, interactive events this evening. The first event hosted was a “dress up” event, where users were given a theme and had to base their outfit off of that theme to the best of their ability using item customization (item hue and player card hue) and creativity. Bones, an uberPenguin Administrator, hosted all three of these events and was the judge. The second event that Bones hosted was a game of “I Spy”, where a hint was globally sent to the users regarding an item having something to do with uberPenguin or Club Penguin itself. For example, Bones could broadcast “beach ball” and to win, a user would have to be the first to message him saying something along the lines of “the lighthouse”, or “the beach”. There were ten rounds of this event hosted and many users had the opportunity to enter, and some even won! And lastly, the third event Bones hosted was a “Cops and Robbers” event where Bones had logged into an alternate account, “Robber II” and sent hints to the server through global as to where the account was, and whoever had found this account first and “cuffed and arrested” it won!

On to the first event, our game of dress up. Before the event began, we all gathered in the town and Bones explained how the scoring system would work for this event. Bones told us users that if you are to place first for that round, you are given 1,000 credits. If you place second, you are given 500. We played four rounds of dress up, and had a total of nine winners.

The first given theme was to dress up in green clothing, many users dressed in green or used item hue to create an entirely green outfit! There were many great outfits made, but only two users could win! First place went to McKinlee for creating the best green themed outfit, and the runner-up spot went to Destiny. Then was the second theme, rarity. Users were told do dress up in the rarest clothes they had or knew of, and whoever was in the most rare outfit won! Bones himself said that users wearing items that have been unavailable since around 2007 were key, as they were considered very rare. Placing first was Jared, who had the rarest outfit of the day! In the runner-up position was me, close call indeed as Jared and I were in almost identical clothing! Congratulations Jared.

Then, the third given theme was a fiesta theme, where users dressed up in sombreros and maracas to get into the fiesta like spirit. It was very close this time around, as everyone had similar outfits and thought very similarly. Yet, it came down to the two winners, who had the better of the many outfits. Immortality placed first this round, and Agentspud was the runner-up, good job you two! And finally, to end the first event was the Christmas theme. So many users had so many great outfits this round, and it really came down to the wire when winners were chosen. Our first place winner for the last round was Camden, and our runner-up position was held by two of our users, Destiny and Immortality!

The second event hosted by the uberPenguin Administration was a few rounds of I Spy! Bones put his own little twist on this game, and it was really enjoyable. Basically, the users played ten rounds of this event and were given a different hint each round. The hints were sent through a global broadcast and the first user to think they had the answer had to message Bones what they thought it was. For example if Bones were to broadcast ‘snowball’ and a user messaged him the correct answer, being ‘snowball forts’, they’d win for that round. The first message Bones sent to the users was ‘a bunch of snowballs’. After a few minutes of confusion, Church came up with the answer. The answer to this little riddle was ‘the crow’s nest’, one of Club Penguin’s rooms. This room is the crow’s nest of Rockhopper’s Ship, which has a cannon and many snowballs. Very clever!  The second message that was sent out was ‘take me for a ride’. Most users’ first thoughts were the ski lift in the ski village, and those users were correct! Although, the user who messaged Bones the answer the quickest was Jared.

The third global message Bones sent out was ‘iSpy a ghost!’. To this, most users were very confused. Although, we were all still gathered at the ski village due to the previous message being answered there. Turns out that Username sent in the correct message first, with the answer being ‘Caroline’ the user, as she was wearing a ghost costume! I sure had no idea where Bones was going with this, congratulations to Username for piecing this together! Fourth, Bones sent out ‘red versus blue’. Some users’ first thoughts were the arcade games, where red versed blue throwing snowballs. Others thought of the snowball forts, like our winner! Yet, the first to message Bones the right answer, being the snowball forts, was Camden!

For our fifth message, we were given the hint ‘fish’. I messaged Bones almost immediately after this broadcast and thought the answer may have been the ‘Go Fishing’ game in the Ski Lodge, yet I was way off. The correct answer was the Pizza Parlor, and was answered by Destiny. Onto the second half of our event, Bones gave us ‘account settings’ as a hint. This round was the longest of them all and the most confusing to all users. It took a while and a lot of followup hints from Bones, but Caroline was the one who finally came up with an answer! Turns out that the clickable ‘Uber’ bot presents a user with two options, a link to the blog, or another which pulls up the user’s account settings. Great job to Caroline for thinking outside of the box like this!

Then was an easier hint that we were given as the seventh message, ‘big rock’. Most users had the same idea, which was the rock in the forest, and there was one user who got it the quickest, Angiee! Then was the eighth hint, ‘a blue mat’. Personally, I had no idea what to make of this hint, but Jemi1234 came up with the answer! The answer to this message was the Cardjitsu Playing Mats inside of the Dojo, which I never even thought about.

Then, on to the ninth hint, ‘water bottle’. Most users were clueless as to where Bones was going with this, and I sure was one of them. I thought he may have been thinking something along the lines of the Dock, or the Beach, as they were home to water, but I was wrong. Turns out that the correct answer to this was the water bottle located in the entrance to the ‘Go Surfing’ game at the Cove. Great job to McKinlee for piecing this together, well done! Then was the last message for this theme, ‘a robber’. I had no idea what to make of this, so I began to teleport from room to room. I arrived at the Ski Hill just a second after our winner, Destiny. The answer to this one was the account, ‘Robber II’ hidden at the bottom of the Ski Hill near the rocks, blending in very well.

Onto the final event of the day, Cops and Robbers! Again with Bones putting his own twist on the game, he logged in to an alternate account, ‘Robber II’. Bones would broadcast updates to where the robber was, who was near him at the time, and if someone had caught him! Whilst on the ‘Robber II’ account, Bones would quickly move from room to room avoiding anyone who was trying to ‘cuff and arrest’ him. Once the robber was caught, a new round would begin and users would have to find, cuff, and arrest him once again! We played three rounds of this game, and ended with three winners.

To begin, our robber escaped and was on the loose! uberPenguin’s users dressed in police uniform, held handcuffs, and were in the police offer spirit! At first, most users struggled with finding the robber and didn’t really know what to make of this game. Then, we were given hints and began to understand what was going on. Users scrambled to be the first to a room, and frantically moved from room to room, trying to catch our robber! It wasn’t until Church started to really look around before anyone knew where this robber was. Users across the island passed by the robber in his hiding spot many times before finally being caught. Church caught the robber hiding behind the large rock in the forest, and brought him to justice!

Then, the robber slipped away once again and was on the loose! This time around, the robber was caught a lot quicker and was in an easier spot to locate. After a few minutes of evading the users, the robber was found in the attic of the Ski Lodge and arrested, this time by KlayFor a third time now, the robber has escaped and is once again on the run! This final round was by far the longest lasting, and users scrambled from each room to find the robber. Klay and I had found the robber in the Night Club and attempted to arrest him, but he slipped away! A few minutes later, a broadcast went out saying that Jennifer had caught the robber in the Pizza Parlor and all was well on uberPenguin once again!

To conclude the event, everyone who showed up received an additional 100 credits as a token of appreciation! I really enjoyed attending these uberEvents and hope to be able to attend more in the future! I really enjoy the concept of these events as they bring together a server of users very well and increase the activity so greatly. It truly is so nice to see a large group of users all together on a server without bickering or arguing over some petty nonsense and just enjoying myself, which is what I feel like small, enjoyable things like uberEvents are doing for the community in its day and age. Glad to have been the one writing about this, and hope to be the one writing about uberEvents in the future!



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