uberPenguin’s Public Beta Release!


Hey Penguins,

Jennifer here with some great news for you! As you all know, uberPenguin, the CPPS known to offer innovative and advanced features, has set their final public beta release date. Now, I know several of our readers got into private beta testing quite easily when they applied (since we are in the stress testing stage), but some of you, unfortunately, did not get in. Now you can play uberPenguin whenever you want to once the game is out to the public! Here is the tweet they have made on their Twitter not too long ago with the information on exactly when uberPenguin will be coming out for public beta —

Hooray! I’m so glad uberPenguin has set their final date for when anybody can play on this amazing CPPS. Being a private beta tester myself, I can definitely say that this CPPS will be sure to knock your socks off. uberPenguin is certainly like no other, and you’ll see what I mean once you start playing. As you can see, this CPPS is set to launch public beta on Wednesday, July 6th, at 5PM EST. That’s only 10 days from now in EST time.

Be sure to inform all of your friends right away so everybody can come online as soon as public beta launches! This is not something you want to miss. Want to know the link to go to on July 6th when the game is out? Click here. I or another staff member will definitely keep you informed on any new information that may come out regarding uberPenguin’s public beta release. Until then, keep your hype up and stay excited as July 6th is certainly going to be a super awesome day for all of us!



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