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Hey Everybody,

Jennifer here to bring you some rather amazing news! After uberPenguin was closed down for a short amount of time, Lux decided to open it back up once more. Seeing this awesome CPPS spiral back to life surely made everyone super ecstatic! Though uberPenguin is back, there have been a few changes made, which I will go over with you shortly. For now, I will explain any possible questions that may be running through your head as you read this. Let’s begin —

  1. Is uberPenguin still up for sale?
    From what I know so far, I do not believe uberPenguin is up for sale anymore.
  2. What made Lux want to bring uberPenguin back?
    I do not have the answer from Lux himself, but judging from what has happened in the community regarding uberPenguin, it seemed there was a high demand to bring it back, even if Lux couldn’t be around all the time.
  3. Why did Lux close down uberPenguin for the short time being?
    Lux closed down uberPenguin for a short amount of time because he felt that he was feeling too old for CPPSes and that he needed to move on. He also was saying a few days ago in the uberPenguin chat (something along the lines of this) that people in the community were upsetting him during this time as well. From what I gathered regarding the situation, Lux may have been not feeling well that day, and that people were bothering him up to the point where he decided to stop working on everything.

Hey, well, I guess we don’t have to worry about this great CPPS leaving us once again! Now, let’s go over the changes done to uberPenguin regarding their staff and other things Lux has stated with the team. First off, Lux has told the uberPenguin Staff Team that he will definitely still be around to help develop uberPenguin — just not as often as he used to.

Now, on the other hand, being both a CPPS owner and a developer at the same time can be a very difficult thing, so he has promoted both Michael and Chris, once our fellow Staff Leaders, to Administrators to help him look over uberPenguin as a whole. Not only will this change help Lux immensely and take lots of pressure off of his head since he doesn’t have to be in the game all that much anymore, but now we have three awesome administrators to make uberPenguin even better than it was before! It’s so great to hear that Michael and Chris are now helping Lux own this superb server with him.

Besides these promotions, a few other staff have been ranked up for their hard work and dedication as well. uberPenguin should definitely have new updates and such coming on over to it quite soon, and that’s truly an exciting thing to hear along with their comeback!

Finally, the last change they’ve made is that they have moved their Discord chat. Click here to join uberPenguin’s newest and official chat if you’re still in the old one (or if you have not joined the chat at all)!

Join uberPenguin today if you have not yet come to this CPPS! It’s certainly one of a kind and it has super unique and great features! You won’t be disappointed if you join, I can guarantee you that! Now that uberPenguin has made its comeback, everybody should play and enjoy it more than ever before!

Having fun on uberPenguin! Speedy CPPSHQ!

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Update: uberPenguin has released an official statement regarding the issue, which follows:

uberPenguin is back & we don’t plan on shutting down anytime soon. In the last week you may have received conflicting information regarding the the fate of Uber – I am here to explain what happened & hopefully provide a look at what the future of uberPenguin will bring.

First of all, we lost a very important person to our team, our beloved friend & administrator, Bones. He was a founding member of uberPenguin but conflicting interests & several factors that will not be discussed here led to his departure.

The departure of Bones, personal issues in my life, and various other reasons made me want to quit uber & give it up to someone who had the time to maintain the server. Fortunately, I have some great friends on the staff team who convinced me to stay & work on uberPenguin on my time only, which I have decided to do.

Since I’m usually busy living my life outside of the internet, maintaining the uberPenguin’s servers & developing on my own, I don’t have that much time to overlook the game as a whole. Due to this I have decided to promote our 2 staff leaders – Michael and Chris – to administrators. I am confident they will do a fantastic job overlooking the game in times of my absence.

Now, what does the future of uberPenguin look like? Well… I would like to push out weekly patches which will include bug fixes, new features, and various in-game updates in one convenient package. I have set a personal goal of mine to release said patches every Monday – so expect a long overdue update on Monday, September 4th.

I hope I cleared some things up for everyone, and hopefully everything makes sense now.

Until next time,
~ lux



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