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Since uberPenguin launched this afternoon, we at Speedy CPPSHQ, decided we’d help you guys out with some of their features! In this post I’ll be showing you uberMessenger, also known as the Private Messaging System.

The Private Messaging tool can be used for talking to your friends from across the island! Now, uberPenguin’s Private Message box definitely looks different compared to most CPPSes. So, let’s take a look. First, to get to the box, click the envelope icon in the top left of your game screen. Another way is to click on a player to open their playercard, and click the button that says, “Send Mail”. A new window will appear on the page that looks like this.


As you can see, at top you can exit out on the right hand side of the window. At the bottom left you can create a new chat. You can also drag the window anywhere you’d like. Let’s say I’d like to message my friend, asking what their favorite thing is about uberPenguin so far! First, I’m going to select the pencil button at the bottom left.pmsearch

A search box that says, “Username”, appears. I then search up the username. Also, a tip is that you do not have to be friends with the user! Now, the friend I’d like to message is Alexandra. So, I’m going to type in “Alexandra”. Once I’m done typing it, I click the magnifying glass to search up the name. Now, a new box pops up displaying the chat box!pmchatbox

On the left hand side, is the box where I searched up the username. On the right hand side, is where you message the user! Typing to them is easy, just select “Enter message here…” and once your done click the Enter key on your keyboard. Now I’m going to message my friend!questionpm

As you can see, when you send a message it turns blue on the screen. It has a time stamp under it, so you can see when you exactly sent the message or when your friend sent one back! Once you get a message back, it’ll also have a time stamp, but will be white. Check it out. answerpm

There we go, and as you can see it, other users enjoy it too! Now you can talk to your friends, using the uberMessenger feature! I hope you enjoy this feature and the other uberPenguin features!


~ Poochie



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