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As some of you may know, uberPenguin has gone through numerous changes such as new staff members and new ownership, you may be wondering what is even happening and why? So people, let me tell you, it was earlier said that uberPenguin will be sold to someone who can take care of it, but later on, Lux decided to keep moving with uberPenguin. A few days after that, Lux sold uberPenguin to Brent and since then it has been through many new changes, people who didn’t like these changes left while few still are with uberPenguin. Brent has assigned new staff members to help uberPenguin be a safe and fun environment. Those who don’t know what uberPenguin is can click here to check this post which tells more about uberPenguin. If you wish to stay on this post and you’re wanting to know more about this, don’t worry, this post should help you.

Firstly, lets check what that gear setting does shall we?

uberPenguin has some very unique features like Take Screenshot and Game Settings, we check out what Game Settings actually is.


This is uberAmazing, you can change your room style, dock style, chat log style, and even change the UI, that’s a ton of unique features! I don’t like how simple and pale my towns looks, so hmm, let’s change it?


That’s extremely unique feature that uberPenguin has to offer! Let’s check out their Nameglow and Bubbleglow, my namecolor and glow is very simple so I guess it needs a change!


See how simple and fast this process was? Let’s explore even more, let’s do that by changing our bubble preferences!

How lovely if you love chatting with your friends, lets check the hue system and see how simple and easy to use it is.

As I said earlier, many users left uberPenguin due to the fact it has changed many things. I believe they can be how they were in the past, so why not join uberPenguin and hang out with your friends?!

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