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Hey guys!

It’s past 5PM EST – So that means uberPenguin is now launched and open for public beta!

Let me first welcome you to uberPenguin: “a modern, custom Club Penguin Private Server focused on providing fresh, innovative features, ideas, and content.”


Things are getting pretty exciting! Here’s a look at the town:


For all new users, I’m here to give you a few pointers! When you first register into the game, you’ll see a few things, including this handy-dandy bar along the bottom of your screen:


Let me direct your attention to the gear in the right corner. Upon clicking the gear, you’re left with some options:


You can edit your name glow and bubble color, utilize the in-game screenshot tool, visit the uberShop, and even change the style of the room you’re visiting! Here’s a peak of what it looks like under game settings for the town:


Pretty neat, right?

One more thing before I go: This CPPS has some type-able commands as well!

You can add items to your inventory using !ai, and, get this- you can add UP TO 20 clothing items at once:


You can also use the command !color with a hex code to give your penguin a custom color:


You can adjust your penguin’s walking speed with the command !speed and a numeric value of 1-120:


You can add furniture items using the !af command:


And last (but not least) is the !jr command! Saying !jr (room id) will transport you wherever you want to be without having to use the map!

For example – saying !jr 220 will take me to the Ski Lodge!


That’s all for now, I hope you’ll all come join in on the uberPenguin fun!





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