uberPenguin: Delayed Release

Hello everybody,

Jennifer here with news that can be considered both good and bad. Many people are excited to play uberPenguin, a futuristic CPPS. Now, as you all know, they were planning to release to the public on June 8th. Several people were super excited for this — however, they have announced that there will be a delay. The staff over on uberPenguin realized they still have quite a bit of bugs to fix and there’s a lot of more work to be done.

The date for uberPenguin’s public release is currently unknown. Bones, one of the administrators, has told the private beta testers that they are hoping to release in early July, mid July the absolute latest. Don’t worry, there is good news for this — you can still get yourself a beta key! Any of the private beta testers may come up to you and offer you a beta key at any time. If not, you can apply for one, with your Discord username on either this post, or the very one you are reading right now. Your comment will not be approved, but will be looked over. One of the uberPenguin staff will contact you right away if you are accepted into uberPenguin’s last few weeks of private beta testing.

For any of the current private beta testers for this awesome CPPS, keep doing what you’re doing! Find bugs, report them, and have fun! This goes to the people who are not beta testing uberPenguin — don’t worry, it should only be another month or so at the absolute latest. Until their public release, be sure to check out uberPenguin’s Twitter for any updates. I or another Speedy CPPSHQ staff will be sure to let you know what will happen with uberPenguin. Until then, I’ll see you later!

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