BREAKING NEWS: uberPenguin Database Leak


Before we continue with this post, we warn all CPPS players to enable 2FA on their accounts for uberPenguin.com.

We bring you breaking news on a recent public release of the uberPenguin backup database.

This leak contains usernames, passwords, emails, IP addresses, and private message logs, from up until September 19. It also contains the source which is already publicly available, and other various parts of the game.

A small database snippet. Personal information has been blocked out for confidentiality.

Passwords are stored in Unsalted SHA256. Meaning if your password was simple, there is a high chance it can be decrypted. For complex passwords, rest assured you’re safe.

The news first broke when an individual spread a dropbox url of the database and all its content, within the Speedy CPPSHQ Discord chat. Although the person unknown, representatives from uberPenguin have claimed it could be the work of former owner, Brent. Who has been known to assist in leaking databases such as CPPS.one.

Although this is a database backup, we warn that all users who have registered on uberPenguin, to review your passwords used elsewhere – if you wish to not be at risk of account breaches.

Update: uberPenguin has released an official statement. It can be shown as followed:

UberPenguin has learned an ex-team member (Brent) attempted to leak an old backup copy of the UberPenguin database and source code. The backup did include a database dump dating back to September 19th, 2016 and included usernames, passwords, emails, and ip addresses. UberPenguin has contacted Dropbox for the removal of the database and source, Dropbox immediately removed the leak and banned Brent’s dropbox account.

UberPenguin asks as a security measure you change your passwords in the event someone was able to download this leak from September. In response to this leak, UberPenguin has secured all servers to insure your data in secure. We will also be adding a password reset feature shortly for your account.

As UberPenguin is committed to keeping your data secure, we will be implementing a new hashing algorithm within the next 48 hours.

We apologize for the actions made by Brent and we will continue to follow any developments of the leak.

Thank you for your understanding,
UberPenguin Team

Source: uberPenguin

The statement release now shows that the leak has been greatly minimized by the uberPenguin team, with the leak being reported and removed from dropbox within hours of release.




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