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Hi guys,

Just recently, uberPenguin announced it’s closure via their official Discord server. The announcement read:

uberPenguin is closing and the management is opening a new CPPS on December 1st. Stay tuned for beta testing, previews, and more! If you’re familiar with Slushy, Flippr, or CPPS.one, then this is the CPPS for you!

Source: uberPenguin Discord #announcements

Although with the unfortunate closure, a planned brand new server is now under development, which promises to resemble older servers such as Slushy and CPPS.one. Despite a new server being planned, it is still very much hidden, with the name not being revealed just yet. But, Speedy CPPSHQ has obtained exclusive images of the new server, which we will bring to you up until the lead in of launch.

With the new server, new positions have become available. If you are looking to apply for moderator, view the format here. If you are wanting to apply for a different position, you are required to private message Liam#7053 on Discord. Remembering applications close November 24.

Visit Discord

We look forward into bringing you more news about this brand new server very soon!



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