uberEvent: Tasks, winners, and more!

Hello Everyone!

Chris, a staff leader on uberPenguin, has decided to host an uberEvent!

What is an uberEvent?

uberEvent is a series of tasks in which people compete to earn a prize. In today’s event, there is four games (different rounds in-between) with a total of 40,000 uberCoins. The winner of each task will earn 1,000 and the grand prize winner (last task) will earn 10,000 uberCoins.

First Task: Fairy-Tale Dress-Up

To kick off the event, Chris introduced the first task at the stage. The task was a theme challenge, which involved with the competitors having to wear an outfit that represents a similarity to the stage’s background (fairy-tale).

Reading at the Stage

Chris gave the competitors a few minutes to prepare their costume and show it off to the judges.


After the time was up, the judges had the chance to pick who was the winner. The first winner of the task is Bruce.


Picture of Bruce smiling

Second Task: Category 

After leaving the stage, the uberPenguin’s bot gave us a hint where the next competition will be held. Whoever got to the place first wins some gold.

The second task was held at the pool. From there, Chris introduced a game called Category. The objective of the game is to guess the word that the host is thinking of within that category.

Within that task, there were numerous of rounds and winners who earned points. To summarize it, Wh*re won three rounds and won the task.

Third Task: iSpy

iSpy was taken place at the crow’s nest, above the pirate’s ship. I bet that most of us know what is the objective for iSpy is. Just in case you do not, I’ll explain it.

The game, iSpy, is where the host picks an object/subject that is in the room, but does not tell anyone what it is. The users would need to guess the name by using the hint the host gives.

As well as the second task, there was various of rounds and winners who got points in order to reach the maximum points to win the task. Some of the rounds involved with guessing the place where the yellow lamp is (Ski Lodge), a number between 1-500 and railroads (Mine Shack).

Pirate's Ship

At the end of the task, Brandon was picked as the winner.


Fourth Task: Igloo Decoration

The last task was explained on uberPenguin’s discord chat. Chris and Michael gave an announcement saying that the users will have 30 minutes to post a screenshot of their igloo and send it to the #submissions channel. The competition’s theme was spooky/scary.

In between the 30 minutes, a couple of users posted their submissions on the channel.

After the time was up, it was up to Michael and Tom to decide who the winner is for the last task is.

The winners for the igloo competition is Becky (3rd place), Brandon (2nd place) and Teddy11202 (1st place). For those who submitted a picture of their igloos on the #submissions channel, they earn 2,000 uberCoins.


Picture of the first place winner’s igloo, Teddy11202.

Congratulations to all the winners of today’s uberEvent. It was a pleasure being there and watching all the participants.

If you want to participate in their next event or join for fun, please click here to play uberPenguin. If you want an invitation to the discord chat, click here.



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