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Hi guys,

We’re all sure you’re super uber excited for uberPenguin‘s Public Beta Launch later today!

This will finally mean you will have the power to play uberPenguin without needing a private beta key.

Speedy CPPSHQ has teamed up with uberPenguin to run an event throughout release day. Today will be themed all around uber, with our uberDay event. We will be rolling out posts throughout the day leading up to launch, during launch and finally end off the day with a massiveYour Say“, to gain opinions from the public on the server.

The Speedy CPPSHQ team will be there on launch to hangout and assist you, along with hosting game events on the server to celebrate uberDay. We will also be handing out some uber prizes to event winners, along with the opportunity of users to be featured within our uberDay posts on Speedy CPPSHQ, so make sure you get involved in all the pictures we take!

If you feel like a citizen journalist, feel free to join F U T U R E and create your own posts on uberDay, which will be featured across our social networks. We want to encourage you to do the reporting and hear your opinions on the server as we love reading your posts!

As mentioned, the Speedy CPPSHQ team will be going around during the event and selecting a large number of people to answer some quick questions on their thoughts on uberPenguin. We will then gather all opinions and put together a massive “Your Say” on uberPenguin which will be posted later after beta launch. Feel free to approach any of our team if you see us online!

On a final note, we would like to remind you that this is a public beta launch, so please do remember there could be bugs on the server, so stay tuned for announcements from uber staff.

We have also been told that the exclusive uber beta hat will be available only for the first few hours of launch today. So if you are wanting an exclusive beta hat available to beta testers only, we suggest you login and grab it!


Before we wrap up, the most important part. The time of launch.

uberPenguin will release in beta for the public to play:  Today 5pm EST

The clock is ticking!

We hope to see you all over at our uberDay event later today. Make sure you all stay tuned on the social media accounts below:

@uberPeng on Twitter

@SpeedyCPPSHQ on Twitter

If you come across any questions about anything uber-related, feel free to join us over at our Discord Community Chat, where we can answer any questions you may have.




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