Uber: Emoji’s, Dark Mode, and more

Hey there, Penguins! I’m here to show you all some cool little features you may have or may not have known about UberPenguin. They included Emoji’s via Private Messaging, simply click a player’s notecard, and type ” : ” and it’ll give you a list of emoji’s to use. It’s a really cool feature and definitely shows that CPPS today is still improving in ways we can not imagine. There is also a neat feature that is added to everyone in-game (make sure to clear your cache if you haven’t) by clicking a player and then hovering over their name it shows you the ID. It’s a nice way to see who is who and if staff was doing a giveaway people wouldn’t have to tell them the ID! This is a very helpful thing and I personally love IDs shows who has been around uber from the start! Another feature is Dark mode! Enable it by pressing the control button in the bottom right (custom dock) or by the map on the bottom left (regular dock) and clicking Dark Mode and it’ll make the speedchat phrases black, as well as emotes, and actions! Last but not least you have the option to toggle a player menu or just being able to click a penguin and it bringing up the playercard. I will be showing you guys some of the features. If you haven’t I recommend joining uber in it’s public beta! Have a fantastic day / night!

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