Tropical Penguin Shout-out + Exclusive Sneek Peaks


Today I was getting a tan and talking to the owner Mosh about his new server Tropical Penguin.

If you like fun in the sun and lots of water this is definitely the server for you and don’t worry no sharks. Here is what our new owner had to say about his Tropical Paradise.

  • What do you plan on doing in terms of security?

In terms of security we are currently working on upgrading our DDos Protection and servers.

  • Tell me about the latest rooms designs you may have ?

We have many features such as custom rooms, moods, bubble color, name glow, walk on walls, penguin size and currently working on a radio and price system.

  •  How much staff will you have?
We will have five to seven staff members.
  • Any promotional deals with the game?
We don’t have any promotional deals as of yet but probably will after beta finishes.
  • Will there be any unique room designs?
We are currently designing rooms and working on a Christmas Tropical theme.
  • What is different about your CPPS versus others?
The difference between our server is that we release content/ features every week for players and we do monthly parties created by our designer.
  • Tell me in three words how you would describe Tropical Penguin?
 A Tropical Island.
  • How long will your Beta testing last and how do you become a Beta Tester?
We are planning for Beta Testing to stop on November 5th. Becoming a Beta Tester is easy just message me on Discord ask to be a tester.
  • What is the Discord Link for our Speedy readers?
As of yet we don’t have a link for Discord but plan to release a link when the game is up on November 10th.

Well I certainly enjoyed talking to you Mosh and touring your Tropical site. For your enjoyment and viewing pleasure I have enclosed some sneak peaks of this Tropical paradise below.

The Town

The Dock

The Cove

Snow Forts

The Coffee Shop

  Till next time, adieu my fellow Speedy Readers.

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